Chinese Acrobats and Dancers

Chinese Acrobats and Dancers Chinese Acrobatics is one of the oldest performing arts, dating back of between 475-221BC. The core members of the company have been professionally trained in China from early age and have each had a minimum of twenty years experience. They have performed all over the world and have won Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in national competitions in China. London Chinese Acrobatics combines Chinese Circus traditions with contemporary performing styles and dances to provide an exciting performance that will enthral the whole family.

Director: Jiang Xiao Chun

Professionally trained at China's (as well as Asia's) largest and most prestigious dancing school, the Beijing Dance Academy for six years in Ballet and Chinese dance. After graduating, she worked as a Ballet dancer in Beijing Youth Ballet Company. Since arriving in Britain in 1988, she has performed in major cities across the UK and Europe. Most notably she has performed at the Royal Festival Hall, Cannes Film Festival (for the Discovery Television Channel) and in an advertisement for the National Lottery. She taught and performed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, choreographed a dance performance for Greenwich festival which attracted audiences of up to 2000 and also choreographed dance pieces as well as acting in the latest film by the famous US director Martin Scorsese ("Gangs of New York"). She is a consultant for Yan Huang Chinese Arts Festival Association.