Circus On Stilts

If you wish to promote something whether it be a new store, a service or an event, let them do their thing and attract a lot of attention for you. People find it very difficult to ignore two 10 foot stilt walkers! If your event needs something eye-catching, then maybe them dressed as 10 foot clowns and being a tad on the silly side is for you! How about two rather tall victorian gentlemen to greet your guests as they arrive, this kind of thing is a great ice breaker for corporate events, weddings or any other occasion you may be celebrating.

Whilst on stilts they are jugglers, medieval jesters, wizards, clowns and even cyclists, that's right - cyclists! If your event needs something specific to the occassion then it is very possible that we can make something up for you as a one off as we have done before for other clients.