Patton & Kelly – Irish Duo

Brian and Pete have played in every venue imaginable, from the smallest of pubs to the largest theatres on the world’s largest cruise ships and have played with many of the Greats of Irish music such as Paddy Reilly, The Fureys, and Davy Arthur, as well as Ska legends Bad Manners, and sixties favourites The Bachelors. Brian's fiddle playing is described by many as simply breathtaking, Jigs and Reels fly effortlessly from his fingers with such speed that audiences are left either spellbound or exhausted. His knowledge of traditional Irish tunes seems unlimited and when he turns his hand to the slow, haunting Irish tunes you are left feeling that you are actually somewhere in the hills of Donegal. Patton and Kelly have proven themselves to be one of the finest most adaptable duos around and have received acclaim in “The Stage and Television today”, following various performances.