Race Nights – Horse Racing For Fun

Race nights can be run for pure entertainment using fun money.

Typically a total of eight races will be held and guests will place a bet on each race. A bet is placed by choosing a number from 1 to 8 in a race. The prize will be determined by the number of bets placed on each runner in the race. The total takings will be paid out to those that have placed a bet on the winning competitor. The more bets placed then the less the prize money will be since there are more winners to share the spoils. The winning amount will be per ticket sold and therefore if someone has purchased more than one ticket they will win more.

For example if the prize for horse 4 is £5 and someone has three tickets then then £15 will be won.

The race is then selected at random and played for all to see. All our races are good quality with commentary and close finishes to raise the excitement level. The guests can shout their hardest to help their runner along. At the end of the race the prize money is announced to the cheers or groans of the guests and with winnings are issued to the lucky winners. At the end of the evening prizes can be awarded to the "Punter of the Night" with the most fun money. If desired first, second and third prizes can be available.

These events are intended to be fun only and played with fun money.

Race Nights are fantastic ways of raising money whilst at the same time being fun. There are different options for Fund Raising and we will be very happy to discuss with you the best options for your particular event.


A selection of Races on DVD format Projector 2m X 2m Screen 100Watt PA System Computerised Tote System


Fun Money Race Cards (with amusing runner names) Race Tickets Dual Forecast Sheets Triple Forecast Sheets A range of props for effect