The 2 Men Walkabout Characters

The 2 Men are a collaboration of the minds of two very silly men who ought to know better! These funny walkabout performers are an ideal choice for festivals, corporate and private functions.

THE MAYOR - Step into a world of hilarity with the mayor and his comically inept personal assistant.

THE MAYOR - has an unusual talent for judging everything in sight, from dogs to knobbly knees. He bestows medals for imaginary acts of bravery and hands out rosettes, which may signify something entirely unexpected. Armed with a trusty red ribbon, they unveil the unexpected, opening stalls, shops, and even portaloos with a flourish. Meanwhile, his hapless Aide provides additional sound effects, creating an atmosphere of fanfares, cheers, and infectious laughter. Prepare for a laughter-filled adventure to remember!

THE WARDENS will ‘warden’ just about anything! From street/town/city and corporate events to festivals, parties and product launches. In fact, just tell them what to warden and watch them take charge with hilarious consequences.

The wardens are completely dedicated to their jobs and with the jurisdiction to issue tickets (which can be tailored and printed specifically for your event) for just about any ridiculous rule or law that they see fit to invent. These may include: Walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling an infectious song or just walking whilst using a mobile.

Anything with wheels can fall foul of bad parking (using their portable roll out double yellow lines), balding tyres, or simply be pulled over for a random safety check or speeding (yes they have a speed camera too)! Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket!

It’s not all about tickets though for these two loveable, laughable interactive characters like nothing more than to stop for a good old chat and if there is any music playing they love to show off their crazy dance moves.

Immaculately turned out, they wear their uniforms with pride. The Wardens are loud, bold and colourful and will gather crowds as they administrate their ridiculous rules and regulations.

THE PAPARAZZI - These short sighted celebrity crazed photographers are always on the lookout for a good photo opportunity of someone rich and famous going about their daily lives.

The only trouble is that they get a bit confused about who’s who! Will you get mistaken for an A list celebrity and be snapped by the Snap Happy Paparazzi?

These funny walkabout performers are an ideal choice for festivals, corporate and private functions and Hollywood themed events. The two characters will interact with your guests and make them feel special and famous. (Please note that no actual photos will be taken). They made all the guests feel really special and we just had to laugh at their ridiculous questions!

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